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Anger is different from HOSTILITY because it can have adaptive and positive effects. Hostility, on the other hand, is impulsive and uncontrolled and often leads to aggression. So, how do we understand if our anger has an adaptive or positive … Continue reading

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Coach! Take your game to the next level by working with a Coaching Supervisor!

A Distillation of Research to help us Understand Coaching Supervision Coaching supervision facilitates continuous self-evaluation and learning beyond the initial coach training; research shows that coach development occurs with supervised rather than unsupervised practice and that without supervision skill levels … Continue reading

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Coach! Why does your maturity matter?

Post by Lina Nangalia MCC I have been greatly influenced by Otto E. Laske paper called “Why Does Your Maturity Matter? How developmental theory impacts your coaching competence”.  According to the author, coaches and clients are adults who have achieved … Continue reading

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