Client Coach Relationship PART 2

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Coach Client Relationship – Pushing the Boundaries Part 1

Most often what coaches are taught in coach training does not align with what is really important for making an impact in the client-coach relationship. We discuss what “really works”!! And, it is supported by Stanford professor, Dr. Irvin Yalom. So, take your practice to the next level by adapting these insights for yourself. Email for comments:

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Preparing for Old Age Part 2 Managing Elder Care

Getting older has its own challenges for the caregiver and the elder who is in care. This becomes even more difficult if there is illness or disability. The situation puts a huge stress on the relationship between the caregiver and the elder. How does one deal with it? Find out in this episode. 

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Preparing for Old Age Part 1

Old age is something that we all need to prepare for but none of us want to really think about and talk about the difficult issues that are linked to ageing. This episode brings out some of those issues so that one can plan for old age for ourselves, and also coach our clients on this issue. 

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How to Strengthen Relationships in Couples

Often you have your client struggling with his or her relationship with their partner / spouse. This episode will give you insights into what the client might be doing which contributes to the distress. It will give you the coach, strategies that you can use with your client to help him or her manage the relationship more effectively.  

Reference: Extraordinary Relationships by Roberta Gilbert


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PODCAST Series: Executive Coach Toolbox

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How Faulty Thinking Can Impact a Relationship

Many times clients will bring issues in their personal relationships even though it may not be part of the formal coaching agenda. The coach can discover faulty thinking in the client’s narrative that might be causing the distress. What are these faulty ways of thinking? How can a coach support the client?

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