Me First!! (A Wellness Coaching Program to help you move to a healthier lifestyle)

Research shows that being overweight (or obese), not finding the time for systematic exercise, eating unhealthy foods, lack of portion control, and smoking are major risk factors for lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease. Today, these are the top causes of sickness and pre-mature death. The solution is a no-brainer and known to each one of us: eat less and exercise more. Yet, this is almost impossible to do given the lifestyle and work pressures for so many of us.

Good intentions get postponed, and good starts towards fitness die by the weekend. Moving towards a healthier lifestyle – wellness – especially in terms of starting with getting sustained physical activity and exercise, eating healthier, and thus losing weight is a long distance journey. It’s easier to do with a systematic long-term program, a supportive group and a wellness coach. Welcome to the Me First program!

The Me First program is a three-month wellness initiative that focuses on helping an individual start and move towards a healthier lifestyle. It is not a just diet or an exercise program – though it will include these elements.  It is certainly not a quick fix or a magic formula that promises instant results.  Me First is a three-month wellness coaching program that combines:

Personal Wellness Coaching – you’ll work one on one with a coach who will help you explore what you want in terms of wellness, help you set goals, and support you in developing a plan that works for you and your lifestyle. Over the three-month period – in a safe and confidential environment – you will explore limiting beliefs that could derail your fitness and develop thinking patterns that move you forward. Your coach will be your support and accountability partner.

Group Wellness Coaching – you will be part of a cohort that is on the same journey (though individual goals will differ). The group will support each other by celebrating successes, sharing frustrations, encouraging one another, learning from each other, and holding ourselves accountable to each other.

Self-paced Learning & Reflection – One of the keys in moving towards a healthier lifestyle is understanding the various dimensions of Wellness, learning about healthier eating options, benefits of exercise programs, managing stress and so on. This knowledge helps you develop your own plan for healthier eating, incorporating physical activity and making better lifestyle choices. It’s more effective than trying to follow someone else’s diet or exercise plan. Reading articles, blog posts, and watching recommended You-tube videos are required elements, in addition to working on self-assessment tools.  You are encouraged to keep a journal for yourself and to track your progress.

The personal and group coaching will be done via Zoom.