Coaching Supervision

Ask yourself:

  • Are you feeling supported in your coaching practice — practically and emotionally?
  • Would you like to build on your coaching skills, learn new tools and techniques?
  • How would increased self–awareness assist you in your work?
  • Do you want to be the best coach you could possibly be?

Coaching supervision enables the coach (or supervisee) to be able to step back and get more perspective on their working practice. It can be seen more as encouraging the coach to get “Super Vision” and see more clearly the coaching relationship. Coaching supervision (CV) encourages development and growth in the coach by the use of feedback, direct guidance, challenge or role modeling. The aim is to engage the coach in active self awareness, development of skills and increased knowledge of theoretical models. Furthermore, CV aims at providing the coach with a safety valve to ensure that they are avoiding unhealthy transference or counter transference issues. It provides the encouragement and support to help the coach/ mentor if they experience feelings of self doubt or insecurity.

In a relationship of trust and transparency, coaches (supervisees) talk about their work and through reflection and thoughtfulness learn from it and return to do it differently.  Supervisors are primarily facilitators of reflection. Above all they create a relationship and environment of safety and honesty where supervisees lay out their work and together (supervisor and supervisee) review it. In the present we review the past to learn for the future (Michael Carroll).

How you will benefit from coaching supervision?

  • It can be lonely being a self employed coach — so share your successes, be reassured about your work and feel supported
  • Have support for your learning and development
  • Openly discuss any concerns you may have about your clients with an objective, qualified coach supervisor
  • Become more self–aware — develop your psychological mindedness
  • Ensure best practice, demonstrate quality assurance to your work providers and your commitment to your ongoing professional development

Who works with a coach supervisor?

  • Coaches who are working with clients!
  • Those who want to increase their skills and techniques.
  • Coaches who are interested in their further learning and self–development, who want to be the best they can be.
  • Coaches required by their professional bodies or work providers to have supervision in order to meet quality standards.

Ajay and Lina are accredited Coaching Supervisors, having completed their Diploma in Coaching Supervision from CSA, UK.