Coaching for Health & Wellness: A 12 CCE unit program for ICF Coaches

Emerging research points to prolonged sitting at the desk and sedentary behaviours as the leading risk for chronic disease; physical inactivity is emerging as the most critical issue in health in the 21st century. This was the data before Covid-19 and one can imagine the toll that the last year of working from home and not being able to engage in outdoor activity has taken.

The goal of this program is to initiate coaching conversations around health and wellness for (first of all us – as coaches) and then with our clients. Many of us see that our clients are caught in their sedentary lifestyle, and stressed completely. We would like to encourage them to improve their health, fitness, and quality of life by being mindful of the impact that their inaction will have on their health and life; and encourage them towards health behaviour changes that work for them.

As coaches we bring a client- centered approach to conversations on health-behaviour changes, to actively engage our clients to improve the quality of their health and life in safe and effective ways.

Covid-19 has dramatically altered the way we live and work across the world. Possibly, every person in the world has been affected either directly or indirectly. The battle with Covid-19 had dramatically emphasized the importance of health and wellness for each one of us. Wellness includes aspects of physical fitness, emotional well-being, focusing on spirituality, and investing in personal relationships.

The starting point for change is the individual. Till now each of us had a tendency to postpone the conversation on improving our own health and wellness for a later time because we were just too busy!!  However, given the importance of personal health and wellness in building immunity and resistance to disease, this is the right time for coaches to engage their clients in conversations that encourage them to explore how they can improve their personal health and wellness.

Participants will learn to use coaching conversations around the following topics:

  • Importance of health and wellness in today’s context
  • What are the parameters of good health and wellness
  • Understanding behaviour change and creating personalized strategies to move towards health focused behaviours
  • Reaching out and building a network of health care providers
  • Appreciating the role of nutrition and healthy eating
  • Understanding how exercise and movement benefit the body
  • Realizing the role of chronic and lifestyle diseases
  • Developing a plan to incorporating health behaviours in one’s lifestyle

This program uses the eight ICF core competencies to help the coach engage their clients on conversations around their personal health and wellness. The coach will NOT be trained to give any information or advice of a medical nature; the coach will encourage the client – through coaching conversations – to appreciate the importance of focusing on personal health and wellness. And, to approach appropriate health care providers, and trained and licensed professionals for support as needed. 


This is a completely online program, conducted via Zoom, comprising of  4 sessions of 3 hours each, for a total of 12 instructional hours.

The six sessions will cover each of the Revised ICF 8 Competencies in detail. As the sessions flow, each session will have practice coaching conversations that demonstrate the use of that particular competency.

It will award 12 CCE credits to coaches who already hold an ICF ACC, PCC, or MCC credential and are looking for continuing education to sharpen their skill, update their knowledge and get CCEs for their credential renewal.


To start in August 2021, exact date to be announced.


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