Move up to the ICF PCC credential with Coaching with Emotions! Q1 2021

(A 65 hours ICF ACSTH approved course that is part of our 125 hour ACTP program AND an independent module in itself)

Welcome to the Coaching with Emotions program! This program is designed to provide advanced coaching knowledge and skills (based on the 11 ICF competencies) to coaches who’ve completed their foundation training.

It will also be a great fit for those of you who have been involved in coaching but have not yet done a formal ICF approved training program. The focus of this program is to help coaches build on their skills and move from coaching at an ACC level to PCC level. It will give you the ICF approved 65 training hours that you can use to get your PCC credential, or use for renewal of your existing credential.

At an ACC level, most coaches help their clients using coaching as a problem solving approach. For coaches to move their work to deeper levels, they need to understand the client’s values, thinking patterns, behaviors, and work with their client’s emotions. Oftentimes, helping clients resolve issues at a deeper level needs a coach to identify, draw out, and help a client work with their emotions such as anger, sadness, grief, fear, guilt, shame, vulnerability, and so on. The coach also needs to help the client identify unhelpful thinking and replace it with more helpful thoughts. Work at the affective and cognitive levels help the client make changes at the behavioral level!

The ICF’s 11 competencies (that need to be demonstrated at the PCC  are the skills framework around which the knowledge and art of working with emotions is integrated.

Course contents:

ICF Code of Ethics and 11 Competencies – knowledge and application

Understanding Role of Emotions

Coaching with Emotions   – anger, fear, shame, guilt, sadness…

Using the Karpman Drama Triangle

Challenging beliefs and self-assumptions

Coaching around Vulnerability & Shame

Lots and lots of practice sessions

Program Investment 

The fees for this program are INR 125000 plus 18% GST; that is a total of INR 147500/- including GST.    Certificates will be issued on completion of all dues.

Program Start Date.         Q1 2021