About Lina Nangalia MCC



Lina Nangalia is a Master Certified Coach and brings over 30 years of experience as an Executive coach, Learning and Organization Development specialist and facilitator. As an executive coach she specialises in the areas of leadership, individual and team performance, managing relationships, work-life balance and career development. In addition to executive coaching, she also conducts International Coach Federation (ICF) accredited coach training programs both nationally and internationally (Finland, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Japan, Qatar). She is India’s first International Coach Federation MCC credentialed coach.

Areas of expertise

  • Leadership development and coaching
  • Team development and group coaching
  • Internationalization / Intercultural coaching
  • Organizational development / Leadership training
  • Women Leaders development and coaching
  • Learning and development systems

Lina’s passions in her work are

  1. To go beyond “solution-ing” and find sustainable, positive behavior shifts for her clients
  2. To use learning and theory from allied fields to further the work she does in coaching
  3. To see the leadership potential in her clients and show them the extraordinary leadership moments that they could leverage to maximize this potential

Her clients say

  1. She marries the intuitive and the intellectual elements to deliver truly impactful and sustainable results.
  2. She is an active listener with a very solid ability to articulate the central question or key problem to resolve.
  3. She is a positive disruptor of systemic barriers to personal growth and impact.
  4. Her biggest strength lies in her ability to straddle the organizational environment and culture and the individual’s psyche to create positive behavior shifts.

Major Clients

KPMG, EY, Daimler AG, Qualcomm, 3M, Cisco, eBay, Bank Mandiri, Honeywell, Ford, TNS Global, Johnson & Johnson, Tesa and many more.

Worked with EY GDS across CS, ES and GDS ops

Work with clients at CXO, VP, Director, India Site Head and Function/Business Head

Client results

  • Coached an expatriate Business Unit head of a leading technology company to integrate with the Indian corporate culture and develop productive working relationships with the senior leadership team.
  • Coached the CIO of a leading financial services organization to a higher leadership role. Coaching focus was to hone the client’s strategic focus/direction and develop the skills to manage key stakeholder relationships.
  • Coach to the Co-founder and President of an information risk management company. The focus of the coaching relationship was to help manage the interpersonal relationships with the board and develop a leadership pipeline.
  • Coach to a Vice President of a large technology company to help translate the 360* feedback into specific action plans and quantifiable goals and provide support as an accountability partner.
  • Coach to the newly appointed Director HR of a large multinational to help transition into the new company with specific focus on navigating organizational culture and dynamics.

Qualifications and affiliations

§  Masters in Social Psychology, University of London, UK

§  Masters in Training & Development, Griffith University, Australia

§  Bachelor’s in Economics, Mumbai University, India

§  Asian International Executive Program, INSEAD, Singapore

§  Master Certified Coach (MCC), International Coach Federation (ICF), USA

§  Diploma in Coaching Supervision, Coach Supervision Academy (CSA), UK

§  Emotion Focused Therapy Clinic, Level 1 & 2, York University, Canada

§  Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Level 1 & 2, Morphic Minds-an Albert Ellis Institute affiliated training center, India


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·       Nangalia, L. (2008). When Women Lead, Balance Sheet Shows! NHRD Network Journal, 2(2), 90-93.

Conferences/Papers Presented

·       In July 2011, she co-presented a paper–Leadership Coaching in Asia-Integrating a Multicultural Perspective with Ajay Nangalia at the VII Biennial Conference-International Academy of Intercultural Research on Leadership in the Multicultural World: Exploring New Frontiers of Leadership Theory, Method and Practice in Singapore

·       In September 2010, she co-presented a paper–My Coach My Guru – with Ajay Nangalia at the APAC / ICF Conference on Coaching in Asia (www.apcc2010.com) in Singapore.

·       In Dec 2009, she jointly presented a paper with Dr Ajay Nangalia on ‘Adapting HR Practices to Cultural Contexts: A Collective Case Study Approach to Understand Executive Coaching in Asian Culture’ at the 8th Asian Conference & 1st MENA Conference of the Academy of HR, Bahrain.

·       In July 2009, she presented a paper on ‘Using Positive Psychology as an HRM process in Employee Engagement and Confidence Building’ at the International Conference on Human Resource Management in Context of Global Meltdown – ICFAI Business School, Ahmedabad.  The paper was presented with the Best Paper Award.