Energy Management to Boost your Team Performance!!

As team leaders we all want to do the best for our full team and its individual members.

We look at ways to encourage them, motivate them, and keep them focused on doing the best possible work. This is certainly the intent that each successful team leader holds for her or his team.

But most times, these are aspects of human behavior – both at an individual and at a group level – that many leaders have not understood. We essentially replicate what our leaders – especially our role models – have done for us in our own career. And, this is a great place to start!!

However, we tend to forget that the situation and context and work and life when we were in our early careers is very different from the people who report to us now. So, some of what we’re practicing may not be appropriate and may not be effective.

What will be very helpful for you as a team leader is to have some foundational understanding of human performance from the lens of psychology.

With this deeper understanding, it will be easier for you to then look at specific do’s and don’ts that work for your team and individual team members.

So, how can we help our team members achieve consistently high levels of performance and quality in what they do? And, to do this with psychological and physical efficiency…

Reference: Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning / National Strength and Conditioning Association; G. Gregory Haff & N. Travis Triplett – editors. Fourth edition. Chapter 8: Psychology of Athletic Preparation and Performance.

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