Leadership Development: 5 Questions to ask your MENTOR or SENIOR LEADER!!


As a talented and ambitious professional, you’re committed to your learning and development. You’re probably attending as many programs online or reading material or getting certifications as you can. And, this is a required and integral part of your development.. However, this gives you only explicit or technical knowledge.

There is another aspect of your learning and development that you need to focus on.. and this is getting tacit knowledge or wisdom… especially to manage your career, navigate organizational dynamics, learn some tricks of the trade and so on. And, this wisdom is not there in books or courses.  It is in the minds and hearts of senior leaders and successful people who are ahead of you in the journey.

So, in our conversation today, let’s talk about 5 questions that you can ask your senior colleagues – from your own company or your connections from different organizations. You can use these questions to have very effective conversations with your mentors – both formal and informal. And, you can use these questions to have a deep conversation with any senior stakeholder that you have an opportunity to have a one on one with.


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