Understanding Your PERSONAL CHANGE PROCESS!! Ajay Nangalia PhD PCC


So, you’ve been wanting to start to make changes in your lifestyle for quite some time now. But, something always comes up OR  the timing just doesn’t seem to be right.

And Unfortunately, when we’re unable to move towards the personal changes that we aspire to make, we start Judging ourselves:  I just don’t have the discipline, I control myself..    Or, we condemnourselves … I’m such a loser…  or just feel really terrible or guilty and so on.

None of these states are helpful for you to move ahead, and can keep you locked into a maladaptive pattern of behavior.

However, if you were to understand – based on a research model – what you’re experiencing about the personal change you aspire to make…. then it’s easier to find ways to find more effective ways of supporting yourself.  That’s what we’re talking about today!!

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