So many of us set an intention to get fit, or move towards a healthier life style, start exercising, giving up junk food, going easy on the booze.. and we take a few steps and very soon, our efforts collapse.

Some folks have tried out so many fitness fads and diets, that and nothing works for them, so they get a cynical attitude of been there, done that, nothing works..

So, what do you need to do differently this time?

 Here’s a secret….. before you start to DO anything, it’s vital to learn to THINK about your health, and fitness, and wellness… differently. 

If you understand the concepts of health and wellness in a FRESH way, in a WAY that is supported by Evidence Based Research… then your chances for success are almost guaranteed.

So, in our conversation today, before you rush out to DO anything, let’s learn how to THINK about health, and fitness, and losing weight and so on in a radically different way!!

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