Coaching DIRECT REPORTS / TEAM members through their FAULTY THINKING!!

As  LEADERS & MANAGERS, many times we work with team members or other stakeholders who’re dealing with a difficult situation or some emotional turmoil and during this time, they’re thinking tends to go haywire.

This faulty thinking can be a passing phase or it can tend to stick around for a bit. Now, you as an outside person can clearly see that the thinking is faulty, but for the person who is thinking this way and feeling it also….it is real!

In our conversation today, let’s understand some of the commonly used thinking patterns that can cause our clients distress and then I’ll suggest some questions that you can weave into a conversation with them to help them re-look at the situation in a more expansive way that is helpful rather than pushing them in a corner.


Reference: The Exercise Professional’s Guide to Personal Training: A client-centered approach to inspire active lifestyles. American Council on Exercise, 2020.

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