Developing INFLUENCE at your Workplace! Ajay Nangalia PhD PCC

Most leaders are effective at leading their teams and all the people in their own businesses because they rely on the power that comes from their place in the organizational structure. Many of them depend on command and control model, authority structures, and chain of command to have their ideas and instructions followed. However, once these leaders reach senior levels, they need to develop another skill as part of inventory to succeed as senior executives. And, this is the skill of influence.

So, the goal of our conversation today is to give you some ideas and insights on how you can start becoming a leader who carries influence with internal and external stakeholders that matter to you.

These ideas may sound simple; however, the magic happens when you make it authentic so that they become part of who you are and you practice them consistently because they are integral to who you are as a person and leader. It’s not possible to switch influence on or use it only when you need to on certain occasions, that’s not what I mean by being a leader of influence.

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