Dealing with SETBACKs in Life!! Ajay Nangalia PhD PCC

All of us have to deal with setbacks in our life. Some of these setbacks are minor e.g. deadlines that can’t be met, plans cancelled, finances not coming through and so on.

For sure, there is an impact because of these setbacks, but they are not life threatening nor do they destroy you at a deep emotional level.

And, then there are setbacks which are more serious or intense. This could be loss of a loved one or a breadwinner in the family, a chronic disease such as cancer, or the loss of property or business, a job and so on.  These setbacks have a much larger and deeper impact; they are harder to bounce back from; and they leave a deep emotional scar.

Our goal in today’s conversation is to share wisdom that that will encourage you to strengthen yourself to deal with setbacks before they come so that you can cope with them effectively; and if you’re currently struggling through a setback, then my prayer is that you will be encouraged by our talk to get back on track at earliest possible time. 

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