Are you being GASLIGHTED at Work?? Ajay Nangalia PhD PCC

Gaslighting is psychological manipulation in which a person or a specific group secretly sows seeds of doubts in a targeted person, or undermines their credibility, or erodes the targeted person’s confidence in himself/herself. This way of interacting with the targeted person makes the targeted person question their own judgment, or memory, or understanding.

Gaslighters can be a manager or a senior co-worker, or even an angry customer or colleague. And, the gaslighter can target a particular individual or a specific group. What makes this so dangerous and damaging is that it can be done camouflaged in humor or with a patronizing attitude, or with a false façade of being concerned for the targeted person.

It can be done in sweetness, but the sweetness contains poison.

In our conversation today, let’s understand some aspects that can help us understand gaslighting in the workplace!  As you listen to these factors, please check that you are not subjecting someone to gaslighting. And, be alert that you are not a victim of it.  Also, check if you are not part of a coterie that is gaslighting someone.

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