COACHING Strategies to help your clients achieve their GOALS!! Ajay Nangalia PhD PCC

When it comes to setting goals, all of us know about SMART goals or setting BHAGs. We are conditioned to set goals that are big, inspiring, and that are supposed to scare yourself or scare others.

Most of these beliefs have a feel good factor about them especially if you share them on social media or talk about them within your friends circle.  Even as coaches we encourage our clients to set goals that fuel their ego or ours..

While it’s easy to get energy from inspiration, the difficulty is maintaining the perspiration!!

So, today, let’s talk about how we can make setting and attaining goals more realistic. This is even more important if you are a leader or a Coach, because this is where our stakeholders will need some balance to their exuberance… so that they can move into implementation zone and not just stay stuck in inspiration!!


Reference: The Exercise Professional’s Guide to Personal Training: A client-centered approach to inspire active lifestyles. American Council on Exercise, 2020.

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