How do I stay MOTIVATED??? Ajay Nangalia PhD PCC

When we talk about making a change.. whether it is getting fitter, or learning a new skill, or dropping a habit or developing a new one, we all struggle with trying to understand how we can motivate ourselves to start the change and then to stick with the change.

Making a change…especially a personal change is a complex issue. We wish there was one answer, one formula or one theory that could explain all the nuances or give us the secret to make and stick with the change.

We also wish we had an answer to the question how can I motivate myself?  One of the reasons that there is soooooo much material on this subject is that there is NO easy answer or one solution that applies to each and every situation or to every person

So, our goal in this series on motivation is to gain insights and some practical tips that will help us stay on track with our own inner motivation with our personal change process.

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