Set ONE Resolution (goal) for 2021… GRATITUDE!! Ajay Nangalia PhD PCC

It’s almost end of the year, and it’s time to think about our RESOLUTIONS for the new year.. 2021!!  

Some of us would probably prefer to do some goal setting for 2021 because setting resolutions has a bad rap!!

Given that 2020 has changed the way the entire world operates, and has impacted the way we live and work, this is an appropriate time for us to re-start and re-boot for 2021.

Perhaps this year that is coming to an end will give us the humility and perspective that we may have lost; it will certainly help us look at what’s possible and what’s not with fresh eyes and a mindset that’s more flexible and open.

So based on my research in positive psychology, and my own fumbling experiments, here’s the No. 1 resolution / goal that I’m setting for myself and want to encourage you to do so too…

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