Develop a HOBBY!! Especially if you’re stressed, stuck, no time… Ajay Nangalia PhD PCC

You are so overwhelmed and pressured between work and home, so stressed and possibly feeling so stuck, that it’s hard for you to even wait for a couple of minutes to listen to this important idea that I have to share.

And, the idea is that one way to find more time and balance, and energy, and feel less stuck, is to consciously and actively develop and pursue a hobby or hobbies.

Summarizing and distilling research data, the benefits of pursuing a hobby include: reduction of stress; developing a feeling of being in control of work life balance, and fostering creativity and innovation at work.    In addition, at a physical level, hobbies are shown to reduce blood pressure, increase satisfaction with life and work, and create a sense of belonging.

So, it makes sense to create time for a hobby.. Let’s talk about how you can do it!!

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