How do YOU add VALUE….to your role, job, business?? Ajay Nangalia PhD PCC

Here are two questions that most professionals stumble to give a convincing answer either in an appraisal interview or a job interview or just about any time; the questions are: What value do you bring to the table?  What value have you added in the last 12 months?

The reason that so many of us stumble is that we do not actively think about the significant value that we bring or have brought because we’re not really thinking about adding value!! 

Meeting results, deadlines, performance targets, working hard are not value innovation; that’s the expected norm!

In our conversation today, let’s understand this concept of what it means for you and I    –   as professionals –   to create value ;    and how we can look at ways to create value in our role, or job, or business or even life. 

And, I’d like to provide some very practical and powerful ideas to help you think about how you can add value. 


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