EFFORT!! Your secret advantage to SUCCESS!! Ajay Nangalia PhD PCC


Most of us envy those who’ve had success.. and this is in any field, sports, arts, technology, music, profession and so on. We admire them as exceptionally talented or having all the lucky breaks or rich parents.. and we wish that we too had so much talent or parents or luck.

And, certainly there are a few who get the breaks but the vast majority of those who are successful over the long term do something that most of those who are not successful or those who get stuck well below their potential – do not do!!.

So, what is this secret .. this one thing that successful people do – across all fields, whether it is sports or technical skills or leadership or anything else.  Angela Duckworth in her book of the same name, calls this quality GRIT!!  And, grit is the name she uses for EFFORT!! 

So, in our conversation today, let’s understand a bit more about what this intense consistent long-term EFFORT looks like. My goal is that our conversation today will motivate you to get back on track… and put in the effort you need to put in to get to what you want for yourself!!

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