Your EXTREME SELF CARE Kit!! Ajay Nangalia PhD PCC

As coaches we have a duty of care for the wellness of the clients that we work with –  and as leaders,  we have a duty of care for the wellness of the teams that we manage.

But before we support our direct reports or clients –in terms of their wellness – it’s really critical for you and I as care-providers to look after our own wellness first.

And, when I use the word wellness, I mean physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual wellness.

But, how can we support others if we do not focus on our own self-care first? 

Now, in addition to your work related responsibilities if you are managing your home, and are a care giver to children, elder parents, or a loved one who is ill, the importance of self-care is intensified.

You now have to focus on EXTREME SELF-CARE!!

Cheryl Richardson in her book, The Art of Extreme Self-Care provides this extreme self-care kit in chapter 12; and I’ve extracted some of the key elements that I believe will work for you and I. 

I’ve been using this assessment as process to be followed, and also using the assessment as a way to stay on track, assess progress, and be alert to areas where I need help. It’s been really effective for my coaching clients too!


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