Deliberate Practice!! A way to develop expertise & mastery!! Ajay Nangalia PhD PCC

Hello! Welcome to our conversation today about developing expertise. And when I say expertise I mean a level of performance and knowledge (both tacit and explicit) and skill that is significantly higher than what you had before. It is also significantly higher than that of a comparable reference group for your skill or domain is. 

Now, there is a big myth around developing expertise: we think that having numbers of years of experience automatically leads to expertise or mastery of one’s subject or skill.

This is just not true –  in any field.. whether it is sports or a technical area such as medicine, or technology or a professional field such as law or executive coaching.  Only years or just doing hours of the same thing again and again is not really effective and does not lead to mastery or expertise.

What helps us develop expertise or mastery in our chosen field or skill is Deliberate Practice. 


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