Developing PERSONAL MASTERY!! Ajay Nangalia PhD PCC

It’s become very fashionable for professionals who are aspiring to be on the fast track for senior leadership to talk about building their personal brand, or increasing their professional visibility, personal gravitas, developing thought leadership and so on.

Unfortunately, most times these remain as buzz words that sound good on development plans and in development conversations, but in reality there is no understanding of an actionable  way of achieving any of this.

As executive coaches, we are called to support our clients to develop these leadership qualities and we may run the risk of suggesting superficial strategies such as write a blog or network more but the first step to building personal brand or visibility or gravitas or thought leadership is to develop PERSONAL MASTERY

Once a person develops personal mastery, these other elements such as personal brand and thought leadership follow!

In our conversation today, you will learn how to develop PERSONAL MASTERY!!

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