Managing Elder Parent Care!! Prateep Sen

Each one of us as adult children have to deal with sooner or later, and that is managing and caring for our Elder Parents. Now while this is a reality for nearly all of us, most of us are not willing to talk about it, much less plan for it!!  

And, as someone who has mismanaged elder parent care with my own parents and have seen it not managed effectively within my immediate family, I know first-hand what an emotionally charged subject this can be!! 

So, to support us today with this difficult subject we have with Prateep Sen, who is the founder of TribecaCare, which is an Elder Care and Home Care company based in Kolkata!  Prateep talks about the difficulties around managing Elder Parents for both the adult children and for the elder parents; and he shares valuable insights on how both sides can prepare to experience this phase of one’s life in the best possible way.  

As an adult child with Elder Parents, you cannot afford to miss this conversation!!  And, if you’re touching the 50’s then it’s time for you to think about this for yourself and your spouse!!

About Prateep Sen:


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