Understanding & Dealing with Unconscious Biases!! Abhay Valsangkar PhD


Dr. Abhay Valsangkar has about 3 decades of experience in India, Europe, South Africa and the US – in sectors such as financial services, IT, ITeS, Manufacturing and Healthcare. He has been associated with organizations such as American Express, Citicorp, ICI, Cadbury’s, Tata Group Symantec and Avaya. He is a post-grad personnel management and IR from TISS; and has a PhD in the field of emerging Diversity and Inclusion practices in relation to the UN directions.

In today’s episode he helps us understand how our UNCONSCIOUS BIASES can impact our relationships in life and at work; how to recognize them, and then minimize their adverse impact. He also talks about how unconscious biases can affect our efforts towards gender and diversity inclusion.

About our guest: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-abhay-valsangkar-b8ba51/

Abhay Valsangkar PhD:   Email id: abhay@aayaamglobal.com   Phone: +91 9011040610

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