Reaching the C-SUITE in two years!! by SUDHIR NAYAR, MD Commercial Sales, CISCO

Many senior leaders who reach the Director level or VP level aspire to hit the C-Suite.

They work very hard to get to this level, yet, many get stuck at the boundary of the promised land and are not able to enter it – or spend a long time stuck at the boundary.   Anxiety and frustration are likely to set in because they have the track record and the continue to work really really hard yet ……..the PROMOTION TO THE EXECUTIVE level seems elusive…

What’s happening??      What are they not doing??   What do they need to do??

In this insightful and hard-hitting episode, SUDHIR NAYAR, Managing Director, Commercial Sales of CISCO, shares what senior leaders need to do to get to the C-Suite.

Drawing on examples from his own career, he provides clear directions and action strategies to C-Suite aspirants!!     

About Sudhir Nayar:

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