DREAMS@WORK Increase engagement & productivity by working on your DREAMS!!


Often times, after a few years in the job, the money, the work, the travel ceases to be as energizing as it once was. And, during some quiet moments we think about some of the dreams that we had early on in life; or perhaps some dreams that are just beginning to blossom.

This could be to start your own business or consulting practice; your own company to manufacture a product or service; perhaps to start a NGO, or a school or an adventure travel agency… whatever it is, it’s a dream that you’re passionate about and you wish that you had the resources, support, environment, infrastructure to support it. 

But kya kare??? What to do? One has to got to work to support the family, the house, the loans, and expenses and so on.. Well in this episode, we’re going to talk about how you can start working on your dream, without having to leave your current job.

Even if you feel you’re in the Worst case scenario, you’re really stuck in a dead end job and there’s no out in the near future, even in such a case, we believe that these ideas can help you feel more empowered in the present…

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