FUTURECASTING Using HOPE to Move YOU Forward!!


Welcome to this episode on FUTURECASTING; today we build on what the science of positive psychology teaches on using HOPE as a skill to help us live through difficult situations in our life; and, live in an empowered way. The situations can be professional or personal.

As a working professional, you will benefit from learning how you can relook at your business plans for the coming year, your career progression or the personal aspects of your life.

As an executive or life-coach you can use these ideas to support your clients to reach their goals.

You can use future casting to build your career to the next level, or make a transition to set up your own business, or help you navigate a life-altering crisis such as a chronic illness.

So, if you want to change where you are now to a better place,  here is the process that research on HOPE lays out: FUTURECASTING!

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