Want to move to the next level? Focus on being someone – not just doing something!

Clients often ask me, “What do I need to do to get promoted to the next level?” I tell them rather than focus on doing something to get promoted, explore being someone so that promotion becomes inevitable. Being allows you greater control than just doing. Here are my coaching ingredients to move you to the next level:

1. Integrity: Be known as a person who is honest and trustworthy. You are being watched most of the time and off course judged all of the time. Do what you say and say what you do!

2. Influence: Be a person who wields the power to sway another, who can affect something not by position and authority but just by being who you are.

3. Expertise: Be an expert in the work that you do. Constantly reinvent yourself with knowledge and skill to stay at the top of your game.

4. Thought leadership: Be the go-to person for thought leadership in your organisation. Think future! Know how the environment – both internal and external – will shape the future. Play a part in shaping that future.

And the last one

5. Luck: Be open enough to let lady luck can shine on you.

(Shared by: Lina Nangalia MCC)

(We’d be happy to work with you as your executive coach– for a couple of pro bono sessions – to help you move from the pressure of doing things to move to the next level to more of being someone who’s ready! Connect with us on ajayglobalcoach@gmail.com)

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