When in doubt…ATTACK!!

Have you noticed that the primary response of many people in organisations and teams nowadays seems to be an offensive one? The intensity can range from an outright angry rejection or insult to sarcastic humour or even disempowering silence. People have high IQs (intelligence quotient) AND their other IQ (Irritability Quotient) is rising to match it.

Irritability Quotient refers to the amount of anger and annoyance you tend to absorb and harbour in your daily life. A high IQ makes a person overreact to frustrations (starting from traffic in the morning) and disappointments (both at home and work) by creating feelings of resentment that darken one’s disposition and makes life a thankless chore. All this pent up resentment – a rising IQ – heightens a person’s insecurities and vulnerabilities often brining self-doubts (shame) to the front. This explains the common behaviour: when in doubt (self-doubt)…Attack!!

The best way to protect myself is to quickly put someone else down.

Now, an anger cycle is triggered within the system! Soon everyone seems to be picking on someone else – flowing down the pecking order. It even percolates into one’s home with the spouse and children on the receiving end. Do you find yourself caught in this cycle at an individual or systemic level?

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Reference: Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy – Dr. David D. Burns, HarperCollins e-books


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