Vulnerability – the competence that no leader wants! Yet, the only one that builds trust and authenticity

Leaders are often unwilling to talk about being vulnerable because vulnerability is often equated with weakness. And, no leader wants to be seen as weak! Successful leaders – from all walks of life – take risks, brave uncertainty, and open up to emotional exposure. This is what vulnerability is – no one calls this weakness! According to Brene Brown, vulnerability is the ability to deal with uncertainty, risk and emotional exposure. Being vulnerable involves being uncomfortable, so does being truthful and having courage – and, no one mistakes truth or courage for weakness. Don’t mistake vulnerability for weakness!

Now, vulnerability doesn’t mean that you go and share all your secrets or share your thoughts indiscriminately. It’s about being open with your feelings and experiences with people who’ve earned the right to hear them, with those you trust – AND, it’s also a part of the trust building process. Where does one start? While most of us are good at giving help, being vulnerable starts with being willing to ask for help too. For many of us, it’s a slow process as we get used to the discomfort of uncertainty, risk and emotional exposure, that is, being vulnerable.


Still think it will be a struggle? Work with us in personal coaching or coaching supervision to help you start this journey towards being an authentic person, leader, coach… Contact for details:

(Reference: Daring Greatly: How the Courage to be Vulnerable transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent and Lead by Brene Brown)

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