Our Core Defect Story

Most of us – and many of our clients too – have a core defect story. This is the story that we tell ourselves to help us deal with the emotional pain in our life. This story about our suffering has the ‘self’ as its exclusive focus; e.g. ‘I’m intimated by authority because of my relationship with my Dad’. At the root of this story, there is an assumption about our own defectiveness: ‘My Dad didn’t love me because I wasn’t smart enough’.

This core defect story – often played at a subconscious level – impacts the way we relate and interact with people today. Thus, not being assertive, not having the confidence to interact with authority figures, not being able to speak up, feeling inadequate, not having confidence, not feeling good enough…many of these undercurrents flow because of the core defect story that plays deep within us.

Working with someone you trust helps you recognize your core defect story, put it in a larger context, reframe it, and move you towards compassion and forgiveness towards self and others. Recognizing and releasing the old story, and re-writing a new helps us overcome many of the deeper challenges and inadequacies we face in our relationships and interactions.

What is your core defect story? How does it limit you?

Work with us, as your coach, to recognize, release and re-write a new story for yourself! Connect on ajayglobalcoach@gmail.com today!

Concept from: Healing through the Dark Emotions – Miriam Greenspan


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