Do you want to be a Transformational Coach?

Transformational Coaching happens when a successful COACH is able to move her/his beliefs, values, learning and behaviours beyond their existing practice zone. They need to examine closely how they are interacting with their clients; be alert to what transference or parallel process might be happening; look at their own self-defences, and find the strength to challenge their clients’ defences. This needs to happen in real-time as the coach works with a client. It’s hard to do it only through personal self-reflection. This is where a coaching supervision can help.

Coaching supervision helps the coach apply the experiential learning cycle to themselves and their work with their clients in three movements:

(i) A movement that involves review, reflection and conceptualization of new learning.

(ii) Next comes the movement from learning to action, i.e. the application to new practice.

(iii) Finally, a past, present and future movement. This happens when past experience is reflected on in the present, which gives rise to new meaning that is integrated into future work. This results in changing the meaning and interpretation of our experience as we hold it up to critical examination.

Successful coaches find the time to think about their work – often by working with a coaching supervisor. As coaches go through the three movements above, they experience transformational coaching! This in turn helps them recreate the experience for their clients. They become Transformational Coaches!

Connect with us if you’d like to experience what transformation through the coaching supervision process feels like. Email for details –

Adapted from Michael Carroll’s book,  Supervision: Critical Reflection for Transformational Learning

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