Still thinking and behaving in the ‘same old ways’? No? How do you really know?

Leadership Reflection – Are are you still stuck in established patterns?

‘You live life forwards, you understand it backwards’ (Kierkegaard). This is true for Leadership too, isn’t it? Yet many senior leaders hardly take the time out to think about what they’ve learned. Not just attending a training program – but learning as in changes in behaviors, values, mind-sets, and in the ways they feel.

Leadership Reflection is a way to turn life and leadership events into learning experiences, and move from the same old established operating patterns to a more mindful way of acting and interacting. Given the change and turbulence around us, why would one assume that we could be effective leaders with the ‘same old way’? Successful (whatever that means to you) leaders need to learn to deal with fear – especially manufactured fear – their own, and that of their followers. It is hard for them to break out of established patterns of thinking, behaving and feeling on their own – they get stuck, recycling the same issues and the same problems.

Leadership reflection can help them think through and break out of these patterns. This reflection happens in the confidential space of a coaching relationship in which there is trust and safety to be vulnerable, and to feel accepted. Learning, in the leadership reflection journey (also known as coaching) takes place within the relationship with the coach, and through the relationship.

Experience how leadership reflection (through coaching) can help you think, feel, and act in ways that move you forward.

There is an opportunity for a coaching session – at no cost – if you connect soon.  Email me for details:

Material adapted from Michael Carroll’s Supervision: Critical Reflection for Transformational Learning.

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