Coach! Why does your maturity matter?

Post by Lina Nangalia MCC

I have been greatly influenced by Otto E. Laske paper called “Why Does Your Maturity Matter? How developmental theory impacts your coaching competence”.  According to the author, coaches and clients are adults who have achieved a certain stage of maturity, both in their thinking and their emotional life. In coaching, this fact has up to now rarely been seen as significant, or else has been taken for granted. But if we consider that there are validated empirical theories of how adults mature in their thinking and emotional intelligence over the life span, this fact takes on greater significance.  Essentially, it means that the higher a stage of maturity a coach has reached, the greater is his or her potential to help clients (Laske, 2006).

Laske, Otto. E. (2006). Why does your maturity matter? How developmental theory impacts your coaching competence. Choice, 4(3), 10-13.

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